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Since the first release in 1984, our Rieslings have achieved something of a local cult status. Driven by a market in search of a "dry" or "trocken" style wine, our 2011 vintage seeks to highlight the purity and complexity of fruit that makes Riesling so individual. Hand-picked at daybreak to ensure only the most heavenly flavours, about 15% of grapes showed the presence of Botrytis. After crushing and de-stemming, the fruit underwent six hours of skin contact at 12 degrees Celcius. After pressing, the juices were fermented using a yeast personally selected by our winemaker in Austria, then stabilised, filtered and bottled.

Weisser? Rhine? Paarl? Cape? South African? What’s the difference?

It’s all a case of mistaken identity really, because the Paarl/Cape/South African Riesling is not a Riesling at all.

Actually a varietal of the “Crouchen” grape (mainly grown in the Pyrenees region of France) our locally named “Riesling” is thought to have been translocated to South Africa in the mid 19th century, and incorrectly named due to some identification error.

The true German Riesling grape (“Cepage”) is known as the Weisser, or Rhine Riesling in South Africa (and only in South Africa) mainly to differentiate it from its poor local cousin.

The German Riesling grape, considered one of the “Noble” varieties, can produce wines of high acidity and elegance, best characterised by its peach and honeysuckle aromatic notes, and with a distinct “petrol” nose as it ages.

All Hartenberg Rieslings are made from this noble grape. As of 2010 only Weisser or Rhine Riesling may be labelled and sold as Riesling.


  • 2017    4 stars Platter's SA Wine Guide
  • 2016   92 poimts Tim Atkin
  • 2015   92 points Tim Atkin
  • 2014   93 points Tim Atkin, 4 stars Platter's SA Wine Guide
  • 2013   91 points Tim Atkin, 87 points Robert Parker, Gold Medal Veritas SA 2015, 4 stars Platter's SA Wine Guide
  • 2012   4 stars Platter's SA Wine Guide
  • 2011   4 stars Platter's SA Wine Guide
  • 2010   Gold medal Riesling du Monde Strasbourg 2012, Gold Medal Veritas 2012 (SA)
               4 stars Platter's SA Wine Guide, 91 points Robert Parker
  • 2008   4 stars Platter's SA Wine Guide
  • 2009   Gold medal Veritas, SA / Gold medal 5 Nations Challenge, Australia
  • 2010   4 stars Platter's SA Wine Guide / Gold medal Les Grands Concours du Monde (2012), Strasbourg
  • 2011   4 stars Platter's SA Wine Guide


  • Maturation   Up to 6 years from vintage
  • Alcohol    13.29 % by volume
  • Residual Sugar   4.6 g/l
  • Total Acid   6.1 g/l
  • pH   3.19

Food Pairing

Smoked trout terrine, Thai inspired foods, bobotie, peri-peri chicken livers.

Tasting Note

The bouquet displays beautiful elements of chalky,flint and minerally notes.The wine is juicy and opulent on palate entry and then a fine acidity arrives to provide a perfect foil to the inherent fruit “sweetness”.Despite being bone dry,the wine finishes with an appealing sweet/sour character,begging a second taste.

Independent Tasting Note

"Defined lime zest, apple and character building slight wax/ terpene nuance on dry palate. Opens in the glass and lingers." ~ Platter's Wine Guide SA 2015


R 120.00 per bottle
R 720.00 per case of 6

All deliveries of 24 bottles or more within South Africa will be free of charge.