Walking trail


Our farm is made up of 65 hectares wetland area. This beautiful area is situated in the middle of the farm and is the perfect position to enjoy the tranquility and natural scenery of Hartenberg. We have marked 6 main spots that each have their own special story. Enjoy a lunch and a glass of Hartenberg Wine on our terrace in front of the fireplace after your walk. Enquire at our tasting room for more information.


Bird watching

The farm is rich in birdlife. There really is not much more wonderful than the morning or evening songs of the birds that inhabit this area. From peacocks to wagtails to spotted owls and hoopoes, this is the right place for a glass of wine and a bird song.


Children's play area


Our children's play area is situated near the picnic area. Children have the choice of a slide, jungle gym, sandpit and trampoline to while away the afternoon while the parents relax to enjoy their lunch and wine.