Alchemy Best Home Cooked Burger Competition 2015

Alchemy Best Home Cooked Burger Competition 2015
6 August 2015 • General
‘Rock and roll is the hamburger that ate the world.'

Peter York

It is believed that the hamburger first made its appearance in 1896, which was referred to as a ‘hamburger sandwich’. Well, this ‘sandwich’ is still around and today is regarded as a global phenomenon. Hartenberg Wine Estate, set in the heart of the Stellenbosch Winelands, is inviting budding cooks, foodies and anyone who just loves whipping up magical creations in the kitchen to enter the inaugural Alchemy Best Home Cooked Burger Competition 2015.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Simply submit your favourite hamburger recipe;
Together with a picture of your perfect home cooked burger;
And your choice of Alchemy wine that pairs best with your burger.

(see further guidelines in the terms and conditions below)

Together with your entry include a short motivation as to why this wine choice is the perfect match for your recipe. Submit via email to read more »

Wine: how to tell if a wine is faulty, or merely funky

30 June 2015 • General
New-wave wines bring with them a whole new set of challenges

Thursday 29 January 2015

With so many wine bottles now sealed with synthetic corks or screwcaps, you might assume the problem of faulty wines had been eradicated. But, given the simultaneous growth in the popularity of low-sulphur “natural” wines, if anything things have actually got more complicated. Is a wine faulty or merely funky? And when do you have a right to send or take one back?

These days, bottles are rarely “corked” (infected by cork taint) – about 3%, compared with 20% 10 years ago, according to the UK’s largest distributor, Bibendum PLB – and it tends to be pretty obvious when they are: an unpleasant, musty or mouldy smell is a clear indicator that something is wrong. Slightly harder to call is when the wine merely tastes tired and flat, not as fresh or fruity as... read more »

Raising legal drinking age from 18 to 21

Raising legal drinking age from 18 to 21
30 June 2015 • General
More proposed changes coming that will affect the way we all consume and enjoy alcohol in restaurants, clubs and bars.

29 June 2015, Cape Town -

Following an alert by Green Point restaurant, El Burro, it appears there are more problems ahead for liquor licence holders and subsequently, the way we all consume and enjoy alcohol in restaurants, clubs and bars.

What is proposed?

The government has published a national Liquor Policy Review (read the full document here which proposes the following changes to current law:

Raising the limit to buy and consume alcohol from 18 to 21 years of age.
Preventing liquor sales from any outlet which is within 500m of a school, place of worship, recreation facilities, rehabilitation or treatment centres, residential areas and public institutions (which would include post offices). Further, no liquor licenses shall be issued to petrol service stations, premises attached to petrol service stations or... read more »

How to make the perfect crème brûlée

How to make the perfect crème brûlée
30 June 2015 • General
Master the art of this classic custard.

by: Julie Donald

Crème brûlée is super easy to cook and makes you look like a dinner party rock star because you can prepare them well in advance and just do the flame thrower bit for a party trick!

Versatile flavourings

The most common flavouring for crème brûlée is vanilla. The flavour is added by infusing the cream with the desired flavourant - so in the case of vanilla, slice the vanilla pod in half and scrape out the seeds then add the seeds and the pod to the cream while it is heating and allow to infuse. Strain out the pod before mixing with the egg yolks, leaving behind the gorgeous vanilla seed flecks.

In place of vanilla pods, substitute ginger and lemongrass (finely sliced), grated zest of lemon or orange, coarsely ground coffee beans. The list is virtually endless!  Or used 5ml... read more »

The Mackenzie strikes Gold

The Mackenzie strikes Gold
23 June 2015 • General
Named after the Mackenzie family in a 400-year lineage of owners, The Mackenzie 2012 has earned a place amongst some of the world’s finest, by winning a Gold medal at the 2015 Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA).

The awards were announced on 14 June 2015.

The DWWA, established in 2004 by Decanter Magazine, is regarded as the world’s largest and most influential wine competition, which is chaired by a panel of international and highly influential judges. Decanter consultant editor, Steven Spurrier headed this year’s panel, and was assisted by the vice-Chair Gerard Basset OBE MS MW. Together they were joined by a panel of 240 judges, which included 85 Masters of Wine and 23 Master Sommeliers. Sixteen thousand wines from twenty-two countries were judged.

The Mackenzie 2012, made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec grapes, signifies the regeneration of Hartenberg and... read more »
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